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Brice Marden, Elements 1, 1982. Oil on canvas, four panels, overall (213.4 x 129.5 cm), Daros Collection, Switzerland.
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Inquiry Submission Guidelines
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Learning Disabilities Programs

Building on over two decades of experience in the field of learning disabilities, the core missions of the Tremaine Foundation grant- making are to increase public awareness, inspire action on behalf of those with LD, and build a constituency of support that can make positive and enduring change in education and the workplace. We intend to do this in ways that help those with LD realize their many talents and re able to reach their full potential. 

At EHTF, we have a unique, valuable, and respected 20 year history which we are constantly drawing upon to find promising new organizations and individuals to collaborate with in an effort to move the needle of social change. We also pay particular attention to local and state activities which enable us to explore ways to broaden our horizons so that we can influence a large geographic area and aid a diverse group of people, some of whom are often overlooked. Finally, utilizing our expertise in facilitation, we not only fund important convenings, but also work closely with our grantees to plan further sustainable actions that arise as a result of these events.

The current LD focus is to educate and empower parents of children with LD through social media. Our goal is to inspire a movement that drives parents to action and creates positive and sustainable outcomes for their children, and for all of those with dyslexia and other LD. 

A simple bullet pointed list and set of questions helps to guide our efforts:

The Focus:

•      Who: Parents
•      What: Education/Empowerment within the LD space
•      How: Social Media

Three Key Questions that will Guide our Progress:

Are we educating and empowering parents?
Is this empowerment leading to action?
Are we building a community and movement that can sustain these efforts over time?

Essential Question:

Among the LD community how can we inspire, through social media, a movement that drives parents to action which creates positive and sustainable outcomes for their children, and for all those with dyslexia and other LD?

For additional information about the field of the Foundation’s current work in the Learning Disabilities Program, please visit the Recent Learning Disabilities Grants page.



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