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Theo van Doesburg (b. 1883, The Netherlands, Switzerland, d. 1931) Space-time construction #3, 1923. Gouache, graphite, ink (sheet 44 x 31 cm). National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.  Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program by Penelope Seidler AM in memory of Harry Seidler AC, 2010.
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Art Programs

Emily Hall Tremaine and her husband Burton Tremaine amassed a modern art collection embodying the range of masters and innovation spanning the twentieth century.  The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation honors its founder and her unique artistic vision through the contemporary art program.  The Foundationís support of contemporary art is twofold.  The Marketplace Empowerment for Artists program empowers visual artists with the professional skills necessary to sustain successful lives and careers in the arts.  The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award offers curators the support to research, redefine and push new themes in contemporary art exhibitions.

Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award

The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award was created in 1998 to honor the artistic conception of founder, Emily Hall Tremaine, whose passion for art inspired, challenged and brought joy to her life and those around her.  Through the Exhibition Award, the Foundation supports innovation and experimentation at the curatorial level.  During each award cycle, the Foundation supports three curators partnered with established non-profit exhibition spaces in the early stages of exhibition development.  The Exhibition Award provides the curator with resources to research, design and build a visual composition around a creative theme in contemporary art.

Marketplace Empowerment for Artists

The Marketplace Empowerment for Artists (MEA) program supports professional development training programs for visual artists.  The Foundation seeks to empower artists with the tools to help them succeed in their field without being strictly reliant on patrons, grants or federal funding.  The goal of the program is to address the broad issues of business development and community networking in addition to services for visual training at the emerging and mid-career levels.  Arming visual artists with strategic visioning and planning skills generates a sense of self-reliance as well as contributes to their success in the market place.

There are two components to the MEA program.  The first focuses on the development and implementation of graduate level courses for Master of Fine Arts students.  The course curriculums cultivate and hone both the practical and critical career-oriented skills necessary to succeed as artists once graduating from the university.  The second component supports arts organizations offering professional development workshops for practicing visual artists at varying career levels.

For additional information about the field of the Foundation's current work in the Art Program, please visit the Recent Art Grants page.


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